How to be Social in Social Media

In today’s day, it is no longer enough to be passive or semi-active in social media. You must learn how to best engage your customers, both where and when they want to be engaged. This means turning marketing on its head and what you once thought about social media in the past and rethinking your […]

Using Social Media and Content Marketing for Product Launches

When launching a new product, one of the greatest challenges business owners face centers on marketing. As a Social Marketing Consultant, one of the primary questions I get asked from business owners is, “We have a great product, but how do we get people to buy it?” With a solid product and business plan, content […]

Healthcare Industry Embraces Social Media

The Healthcare industry has embraced social media. From using Twitter to broadcast live surgical procedures to live chats with doctors and patients ­­­­on Facebook, healthcare providers and consumers are connecting in a way never available before the advent of social media. More than ever, it’s essential for hospitals and health providers to rethink their healthcare marketing […]

Worldwide Internet, Social Media and Mobile Statistics for 2015

As reported by we are social, a global conversation agency that helps brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media worldwide, mobile increasingly dominates the digital world. Based on trending reports and data gathered, we are confident that ‘ubiquitous connectivity’ will gather even more pace during 2015, as cheaper handsets and more […]

How to Promote Your Blog Post to Get 1,000 Shares

Do you want to know how to promote your blog post so it’s shared over 1,000 times on various social media channels? There are some optimization tricks, tools and techie stuff you need to be aware of if you want to make that happen.  However, you have to have great quality content as a starting point; without […]

Content Creation is Critical to Driving Prospects, Lead Generation and Sales

Want to build a better sales funnel? Many businesses and marketers question why “Content Really is King” to driving quality traffic, lead generation and sales in today”s mobile consumption era. To help shed some light on the content vs tactic dilemma,  this infographic covers the different benefits of why informative, relevant, targeted and engaging content […]

How Social Media Merges With SEO

People no longer blindly trust everything they see or hear. They want “social proof” and validation of their choices. In today’s age of ubiquitous connectivity, many businesses have implemented a variety of online marketing efforts to attract new customers and increase overall sales. Unfortunately, results can vary significantly because tools are only as good as […]

The Great Social Media Customer Service Race

Software Advice, a research advisory firm that offers software reviews and comparisons, recently conducted “The Great Social Customer Service Race” to evaluate how efficiently the nation’s top brands provide consumer support on Twitter. The objective was to identify what kinds of tweets received a response, and how quickly. This is a guest post by Ashley Verrill with […]

How to Use Social Media Monitoring to Keep Tabs on Your Competition

By now, most savvy companies have launched blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, mindful that actively engaging online audiences is essential to the survival of any business. But social media offers a major benefit that is too often ignored: the ability to monitor the online space to glean information about your customers, your competition, and […]

Using Digital Data to Create Customer Profiles and Optimize the Customer Experience

A friend mentioned the other day that she had recently made a furniture purchase online with a large retailer, and the next week she received an email from the same retailer promoting the product for $300 less than what she’d paid for it. She then called their customer service department and asked for the discount. […]

The ROI of Social Media

As a Social Media Consultant, how to determine the ROI of Social Media is the #1 question that I get asked, from large, industry leading companies to small companies.  As a matter of fact, how to determine the ROI of social media is a topic of debate and contention, amongst business owners and marketers alike.  […]

How and Why Your Professional Association Should Use Social Media

Why is it that with the majority of Professional Associations, it seems as if the clocks in the room have been turned back eight years since before the advent of social media?  Although there are always some savvy users of social media, the Associations themselves are usually using the same antiquated medium to promote themselves, […]